leadership 2021-2022



2021 is going to be a very different year. Our program will be in a reset mode after the 2020 season. I'm going to explain my goals for our leadership team. Use this knowledge to understand to what extent you want to be a part. I'm willing to take anyone that has a desire to make the band a better place. We are going to need many inspiring, positive, and willing members. 

This leadership team is entirely going to be responsible for rebuilding a better culture. The biggest goal of 2021 is to set the post-COVID standard for what our program will be. We have the opportunity to start new. Leadership will be creating new traditions and raising levels of performance. Our team will be the bridge that takes SF Bands into 2022 and beyond. After spending nearly 18 months apart - the 2021 season is going to be the first sense of real normalcy. Only students that have a real desire to help and be positive should apply. 

The roles for 2021 will be the same. Drum Majors will be conducting the group and serve as the most visible and vocal point of leadership in the program. Team Leaders will be responsible for running rehearsal segments. Squad Leaders will be responsible for overseeing students in defined specific jobs and assist in sectionals or coaching new members. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are going to be necessary for welcoming the newest members into our program. Band Crew, for those that may not be ready to teach, will be responsible for program maintenance through serving on teams or filling individual roles. 

All of these roles are important to me and important to our program as a whole. We want SF Bands to be better than ever before. 

Phases of the Leadership placement process. (You only need to complete the rounds to which you are applying). Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, we will be doing all rounds virtually. If you need help with video recording, talk to Mr. Jones or a classmate.

Round 1 - Applications. (For all applicants). Due by Friday, April 23 at 4 PM. 
                 Drum Major Applicants should also ensure that two peers have filled out the Rec. Letter.
Round 2 - Performing Audition Videos (For DMs, TLs, SLs, and BC) due by Friday, April 30 at 4 PM. 
Round 3 -  5 Minute Videos (For DMs, TLs, and SLs) due by Friday, May 7 at 4 PM.
Round 4 - Drum Major Conducting Audition Videos due by Friday, May 14 at 4 PM. 

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